30 Inch Bar Table

30 inch Round Table - Normal Height

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Expand the seating space at your next event or get your day started with a cup of coffee in the breakfast nook with this charming, versatile pub table.
Set this portable table up in banquet halls, conference centers, hotels, bars, clubs, break rooms or any other social event. 

30-inch bar tables can be a great choice for various events and gatherings, whether it's a party, wedding, conference, trade show, or any other occasion where you need additional seating or a designated space for drinks and socializing. Here's what you should consider when renting a 30-inch bar table:

  1. Event Type: Determine the type of event you are hosting and how the bar tables will fit into your overall setup. They are commonly used for cocktail hours, receptions, trade show booths, and more.

  2. Quantity: Calculate how many 30-inch bar tables you need based on the number of guests and the available space. Consider factors like the layout, traffic flow, and the overall look you want to achieve.

  3. Table Shape: 30-inch bar tables are typically round. Choose decor that best complements your event and layout.

  4. Table Height: Confirm that the tables are indeed 30 inches in height, as this is the standard height for bar tables. It provides a comfortable space for guests to stand or use barstools.

  5. Additional Accessories: Consider if you need any additional accessories like tablecloths, lighting, or decorations to enhance the appearance of the bar tables.